12 weeks to Brighton

Just two weeks into my Brighton training schedule and I’ve already had a setback.

The problem is that much as I enjoy my running, “life stuff” just gets in the way sometimes.  This week is a case point.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday my training went precisely to plan.

But on Thursday and Friday husband was away on business, which meant I was home alone with the kids for a couple of days, coping on my own with the school run, activities, homework, domestic chores, as well as working and looking after a 14 week old puppy!

(I am in complete admiration for all the single parents that do this every day.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but it meant that finding the extra time to fit in my training over those two days was just impossible.  And my healthy eating was, well, not so healthy at times.

But the funny thing is that although I had a perfectly good reason for not training on Thursday and Friday, it knocked on to the weekend and I found lots more “good” reasons not to get back into routine.

So, I am reminding myself now of the saying “lose the battle, win the war”.  I’m putting this little hiccup behind me, not beating myself up about it but getting back on schedule tomorrow with a 40 minutes steady run.