10 weeks to Brighton

Today’s long run was even longer than last week (and that felt long enough..).  My schedule said 2 hours 40 minutes at an average pace of 11.12, which was a little daunting.  I’m getting into new territory here, I’ve only ever run a half marathon distance, nothing more, until today.

I have found myself thinking about the route to run on and off all this week.  Bristol is a very hilly city and I wasn’t keen to run too many hills today.  But equally I wanted a route that was scenic and varied.  So, I decided to head for Blaise Castle Estate, which is a lovely woodland park, and some cross country running.

Once out of Blaise, along the banks of the River Avon, heading for the harbour.  I felt as though I was chugging along but when I checked my Garmin I was quite pleased with my pace.  It was a lovely morning, sunny but cold.  There were lots of other runners out today, some friendly smiling, saying hello, others pretending not to notice.

Half way into my run I started day dreaming about food.  What would I eat when I finished?  Scrambled egg, pizza, a nice cup of tea..

The last hour was tough.  My legs and lungs started to ache.  A niggly pain in my toe, my fingers went numb.  But I kept going, surprising myself at my determination to finish the distance.

And then it was over.  Such a relief.  So nice to have a long drink, eat some food and a little snooze on the sofa…